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Burned Bridges

March 20, 2012

f-16-simulatorF-16 Simulator

My Norwegean friend, who lives a life I wish that I could, took this

photo of an F-22 going supersonic.


F-22 Raptor going transonic.   Photo by B. Bolsoy

(passing from subsonic to supersonic…breaking the sound barrier)


Me inside a transmitter site.

This included the base commander’s transceiver and broadcasted TEST CODES to nuclear armed B-52 bombers & other routine message traffic.

Bored here, I moved 5 miles away to the receiver-control site where I had 10 minutes to fix the a test failure or notify the War Room at the Pentagon.

largest-transmittertx-site-main-controlI would still help troubleshoot the transmitter site by phone.

3-15-2009-33825-pm-me-melanieMe and Melanie, a Swiss banker’s daughter at

MacDill AFB

geeia-officersGEEIA Squadron Officers


Clouds reflected in rice patties viewed from a C-47 over Taiwan



Some of my Honor Guard friends

2003cutMy Dream Toy if I can ever afford it (the venture), and can still pass the medical.

Rotorway Helicopters

Other than being the next President, LOL, it is one job that can make up for the pain and disgrace if 3 jobless decades.


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