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March 20, 2012

NOTE:  I have some great photos, but must transfer them from slides.

6-28-2011-83440-pmF-4 Phantom

6-28-2011-81229-pmMe and the New C-5 Galaxy on it’s maiden tour.

The Douglas C-5 won out over the Boeing 747 for the Airlift Command.

6-28-2011-8_20_48-pmThe Coconut Grove Airmen’s Club.

Elvis was there just before I arrived on base, but I did pass 5 feet from Johnny Mathis in concert.

This was a big place…

multiple bars and eateries

6 chair barber shop with a manicurist.

6-28-2011-8_29_25-pmduty-free liquour store

small casino

small combo in the rear lounge

6-28-2011-8_47_45-pmToo bored to turn around for the camera, the GEEIA Radio Group was the most overmanned and under-utilized.

Hey, I got a job!

So I figured out a system saving 10 hours routing cables under the floor.  That earned us a Team of the Month accommendation.

I also told you that I have psychic experiences.  I never learned it in chemistry classes, but I just knew what to do.

A new multicoupler had one bad output.  The label said “NOT SITE REPAIRABLE”, but I opened it anyway.  It was full of styrofoam, but I knew that precisely hand tuned coils of fine wire were embedded in the foam.  I went to the hospital and got some acetone.  Sure enough acetone turned the styrofoam hot pink and melted it away from the coils.  There was the broken wire.  I carefully pushed it in place so as not to change the tuning and used a smallest amount of solder.  It worked. Though it looked messy under the cover, nobody else would ever open it.

6-28-2011-9_08_31-pmAnother job!

Polishing copper co-axial cable is no fun.  My wrist was so sore that I drank a beer with both hands.

Camp O’Donnel, largest TX site outside the CONUS.  Japanese held POW camp for survivors of the Death March in WWII

Yet more work to cut monotiny…

Working on Command Control Report to be sent to HQ in Hawaii.

This photo is out of place…

My first USAF class in Mississippi


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