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Military communication systems maintenance ( including codes to order B-52 nuclear strike ). ATM field service rep.  F-16 technical writer.  Unpatented inventor.  technical writer subcontracted by Sandia Lab.  Author google eBook, The Gravity Connection…it is about physics and God…keywords are masked in last pages for the device discussed could accomplish what is sought in the movie trailers at…


R & D on what became the video chip eye of the Hubble telescope.  Vice President of corp. involved with F-4 Phantum jets and Atlas rockets.  F-16 flight simulator maintenance.  motion picture special effects.  collecting gambling debts.  Sales management Medicare suppliment insurance.  teaching English in Asia.  IT for King___College Campus, Saudi Arabia.


University of Illinois chemistry incomplete

Enlistment scores 95/95/95/90 percentile  USAF Radio Repair School…

Branch Honor Student, self paced in 50% time, GPA 91%

Southern Illinois University  B.S. Engineering Technology

Docutel Corp ATM training  90%


Well, I am old enough to be retired, in poor health and waiting for the Second Coming to regain the strength for a leadership roll.

If I worked part time, it would be for a think-tank.  I would like to have a real email address and the President’s ear, not the little box for email at

I would like to build a name and reputation to more easily publish and write for various newspapers and magazines under the general catagory of Solutions

However, a position may materialize if things go right.  It involves much wealth, enough to inspire murder.  So, I cannot say more than that it is legal.

Example of Work…

Partial from Patent Pending:

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