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My Concepts

Solar-Vacuum Distillation and Desalination

I am not going to relearn the thermodynamics and calculate down to the effect on the San Antonio water bill.  This will be a text only description in brief leaving out some detail so I don’t give the whole thing away.

The Solar-Vacuum system can be custom designed to provide water to San Antonio, thus taking a load off of the Edwards Aquifer.  It can provide water to Saudi Arabia, thus reducing the burning of petroleum to desalinate seawater.  It can distill fresh but dirty water or sewage water in the right climate or seasons.  It can distill ethanol.  It can turn the Peruvian Desert green and that is where we will custom build our first Solar-Vacuum system.

Peru has the ideal conditions for the cheapest build and experiment / R & D.  The desert temperature reaches 150 degrees F., plenty hot enough for a simple solar collector to boil seawater in a vacuum.  The coast is brushed by a very cold current, cold enough to condense the water vapor into fresh water.  Being on the coast, there is a sea breeze or windpower to do the pumping.  Besides the obvious pumping jobs, the initially cold Pacific water has a lot of air disolved in it.  Released into the vacuum by the solar heating, the air would have to be periodically pumped out ( by a few different means ).

Any form of batch system would be cumbersome and slow, so how do you build a cheap continuous flow system?  It is so simple!

[1] Build two concrete, metal, plastic or whatever water pits at equal elevation.  [2] Using thin wall, low pressure pipe (cheap) built a 10 inch or more diameter syphon between the two pits and fill one pit with salt water and the other with fresh water.  Hey, a syphon won’t work if both ends are at the same height.  Great!  We don’t want  water to flow until it is desalinated.  [3] Now extend the syphon to about 35 feet high.  Hey, a syphon won’t work that high, a vacuum forms in the top of the syphon.  Ahah!  We have a VACUUM between a column of salt water and a column of fresh water.  The ONLY thing in the vacuum is vapor pressure or rather water vapor.  Hey, that’s pure salt free water vapor and the concentration increases with the temperature.  [4] Design a solar collector to track the sun and heat the salt water side.  [5] Paint the exposed vacuum part of the pipe black where you do not want vapor to start condensing on the inside wall and white where you do want condensation (flowing down to the fresh water side).  [6]  Put a cooling jacket on the fresh water side of the syphon (use that cold seawater to condense the vapor.).  [7] Run a small pipe or garden hose from the fresh water pit up the center of the fresh water column into the vacuum.  Using a misting nozzle, inject cold water condensation nucleii into the vapor filled vacuum.  This will speed up the condensation flow.  [8] Ways to get rid of the concentrated saline where the saltwater boils off are easier to show than tell.  The rest is left as a student exercise.

The Peruvian Government was not interested even in a free offer decades ago when I had the plans and calculations.  I heard that the Saudis only deal with established corporations.  If any principals are interested contact me.

Reverse Cracking; Ethanol to Petroleum

This is how Mother Nature makes petroleum, as opposed to coal.

To make petroleum plant matter must first decay into methane or and alcohol.  Only the conversion of ethanol to butyl alcohol will be shown for all the conversions are similar.

Ever wonder why oil is usually found in salt domes?  What about the brine water that comes just before a “gusher” or instead of oil in a “dry hole”?  SALT WATER IS THE CATALYST that causes carbon chains to link together forming longer and longer chains.


In Step 1, ions play tug-o-war with the carbon atom trying to form HCl and NaOH.  All that is needed is a little heat energy to jiggle (Brownian movement) the hydrocloric acid and sodium hydroxide free, leaving a broken ethanol molecule behind.  Actually the free carbon bonds are supported by additional clorine ions.

The HCl and NaOH immediately react to one water molecule and one salt molecule, yielding heat for the next Step 1.  Also that one extra water molecule makes the brine solution much less concentrated locally at the reaction point.  Going to more entropic state is another lowering of energy to drive the reaction.

In Step 2, we apply PRESSURE to push the broken ethanol together with an unbroken ethanol molecule.  Pressure = Force.  Force X Distance = Work = a release of energy to drive Step 2.  When the new third DOUBLE CARBON BOND forms, it draws the 4 carbon molecule in tighter and smaller than the sum of it’s 2 parts.  This is where the actual compression Work occurs.

The linking repeats forming longer and longer carbon chains.  It can randomly form many molecular shapes because the clorine ion can select any of the hydrogen atoms to tug away.

The Methane Gas in solution with Brine under Pressure reaction is virtually the same.  However, only the Clorine ions are used to pull away one Hydrogen and the hydrogen links with co-valent bonds to form hydrogen molecules and the hydrogen gas found in oil and gas wells.


Canard-Boxtail Ultralight Version



Unfortunately the full size drawings have too many megabytes of pixils to upload to this Website.  Besides the aircraft itself, there is the hybrid 2 / 4 cycle engine (bottom left) and I got into architecture with a small factory to build my plane.  One must keep working and trying though unemployeed.

These are just a few of the things I have conceived .  Some others are the Burlison-MacPherson Strut, solar hot water system that does not freeze up or have to be drained on a cold night or day, how to keep the insulation from breaking off of the Space Shuttle fuel tank, how to automatically turn the turn signal off after a turn on a motorcycle, a sonic non-lethal weapon which is a reality now and lots of things I forgot…Oh, subterrainean paving for driveways and parking lots and the Earth Station School built on land of about 10 degree gradient, half under ground and natural sunlight, etc..  Oh, again.  I did not show my more efficient jet engines because after a talk with the President of a small aircraft manufacturing business, I realized that the engines won’t work.  I just about know how to make them work, but the drawings do not show a working model.

Please, if you are interested in Physics and Science and the Spiritual, buy my Google eBook, “The GRAVITY CONNECTION” and view the two short movie trailers at…   It took 5 years of thought, writing and abridging to get to the typist.  Due to budget, some editorial marks and comments remain in the published eBook, but it is priced dirt cheap.  Also, I forgot to erase my old Dallas address from page 1, so please don’t write to the present occupant.  You can find other resellers by a Google Search for robert dean burlison ii, gravity .  Use the whole name for Robert Burlison is a very common name.

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